Why you need us!

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go to site Do you find that your IT company isn't doing what they should do?

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Alisdair Buchanan started Buchanan consulting many years ago and has gained experience through helping other businesses grow and by coming up with ideas that will get your company noticed above your competitors. Not only that but we are exceptionally understanding of the problems small and medium businesses suffer with their computer systems and their phone systems. None of them are easy to manage - and they really should be!


I have seen numerous business owners pulling their hair out because their phone system doesn't do what it should, they can't direct their calls to where they should be. Their computers don't do what they should do. They have been sold a printer that now costs them a fortune to run and they have no idea how to set it up. These really are problems that you shouldn't have to worry about as a business owner. These little things should run themselves and that is where we come in.


Firstly most small and medium businesses end up with a technology debt.... What is this - it is basically where you have initially installed computers, servers, phone systems etc and then run your business for the next 10 years - now it is all getting out of date and about to die, so you need to replace it all at once! This is a nightmare for any business as the costs associated are substantial. At Buchanan consulting we can assess your current issues and technology and find the best way forward and stage how the installation takes place, so that you don't have the huge expense all at once. We can then put a plan in place to ensure it never happens again. This can simply be a diary of when your hardware needs to be updated or we can take all the hassle away from you and charge a monthly fee by direct debit - which then means you don't ever need to worry. We will support your hardware, we will replace your hardware when it reaches the end of its life and you can be assured that you don't need to worry again. While this is not infallible it does take a lot of the problems away and it ensures all your staff are productive as the systems they are using are efficient and quick.


When it comes to marketing - this is something that small and medium businesses get so wrong. The biggest problem is that they don't really know if it is working! That is key to any marketing strategy, if you don't know it's working then you may as well just throw your money away. Tracking your marketing and working out the cost per customer of your marketing is key to ensuring you get value for money and that your business will grow.